Do I want a Toy Boy?

By | June 3, 2011

Suze“Suze would you like to have a relationship with a younger man?” Is a question I have posed to myself and been proposed by colleagues at work on numerous occasions.

I must say the only real life experience I have had of this is with the relationship between Busty and her waster of a boyfriend. Remember he was the one who cheated on her despite the fact that she is a gorgeous busty blonde who I wouldn’t say no to. He is just fucking greedy.

Oh, don’t get me started.

I’ve posed this question to myself on many occasions and then after rolling the though around in my head for a while, batting it from one side of my cranium to the other I have come back with the same response. No!

A few years would not make that much difference but if you are talking Hugh Hefner age gaps then the whole thing changes.

Yes it’s nice to have a young, can get it up at any time guy. One who will have the energy to keep going but perhaps not so much of the staying power. Lol

The trophy on the arm is a nice thought too.

But not the constant battle of having to hold on to your youth instead of ageing naturally or the constant vigil ensuring that he doesn’t catch the eye of someone younger. For me ageing is about becoming comfortable in who you are and what you enjoy, leaving the rat race behind. You have been there and done that.

And finally. I took a long look at Gobshite in the office where I used to work, he was what…almost half my age and had no appeal for me at all. He is immature, mouthy, a compulsive liar to make himself look good and had no experience of the world.

Oh and did I mention cannot hold an interesting conversation!

No, I think I’ll pass on the toy boy concept and settle for depth instead. I wonder if having money changes your perception of the world…