Celebrity Video Revealed

By | July 9, 2008

… just not quite yet (I have to upload if first).

Last night was one of those evenings that you can’t tell the guys at work about. The question “So what did you get up to last night?” or “See anything good on TV?” really couldn’t be answered honestly this morning.

I spent most of it editing the exclusive video that the nice people TelevisionX sent me. Suze mentioned it last night – and no I’m not going to tell you who it features just yet.

I can’t say having to lie to my work colleagues is about stuff like that is that much of a problem though. I rather enjoy the succulent and flavoursome feeling that I have a huge secret that they can’t even guess at. At least I hope they don’t suspect anything.

I get a similar feeling when we’re having meetings about marketing at work. It’s nice that we get so much contact with the media now and are getting very experienced in marketing and promotions, but I often wonder if it’s been noticed that I’m rather more knowledgeable than I used to be about all things PR.

In particular Sex Toys Buzz has really got us fired up recently as the traffic is improving very satisfactorily and promoting that is great fun. Not to mention the toy testing. And I mean proper promotion, not the spammy comment crap with “black vagina finder” that some spam-bot just tried to dump on the blog. LOL

Anyway, you can see the video later this evening.