All Tits And Claws

By | June 2, 2011

Beautiful Girl NailsI have been indulging myself recently by having a few treats.  Got my hair cut by a rather nice busty babe yesterday, a rare treat as I wear it long.

Then today I decided to get my nails done.  Being a writer I spend hours on my keyboard and my nails take quite a punishment.  They are usually so weakened by the constant tapping away that they quite often break at the base, leaving me short nailed most of the time.

So I decided to get some fake ones today and they look great!

After an hour and a half sat in the salon I came away with what I would call ladies hands instead of the ones I frequently abuse in the garden and at the keyboard.

I can’t stop looking at them and admiring them and best of all I wonder what Alex Will think to them as they rake over his warm flesh later this evening…