Peep Show Webcam

By | June 4, 2011

NakedWe have a very small net-book style laptop which we use from time to time. It’s not very fast and the screen’s a bit small but it is very portable so it’s handy for carrying when we want to show someone something, but don’t want lug the full sized laptop around.

Yesterday’s hot evening highlighted a problem with it. I was typing away at the desk, setting up the laptop for a job when I realised that it has a webcam. OK, realised isn’t quite the right phrase, remembered it has a webcam. We don’t use it so the little lens at the top of the screen has no use for us most of the time.

I considered my position, naked in front of a PC that has a permanently connected webcam and knowing that if I’d inadvertently been chatting to someone on MSN … that might have been a shock for someone.

So, I now have a small piece of masking take over the lens. Just in case.