Sex In The Bathroom

By | July 10, 2008

Sex in the bathroom can take many forms, as Suze and I have discovered over the time we’ve been together. There’s shower sex of course with its potentially dangerous consequences if you slip, but the horniest sex we ever had (from my point of view at least, you’ll have to ask Suze her opinion) happened when we lived together in our first flat.

I remember the bathroom had a hideous dusky-pink suite a la 1985. The carpet was pink too. The fact that it had carpet was bad enough as I prefer a hard floor, but grubby pink? Ewwww!

It happened one morning. I was languishing in bed and Suze had taken possession of the bathroom as is the habit of women, so I resigned myself to a long wait … I drifted off to sleep and woke up with an erection that demanded satisfaction.

When I entered the bathroom Suze was bent over the sink brushing her teeth, her ass was pointing towards me, covered in a silk robe, sexy, provocative and begging for my attention. I stroked her shapely cheeks through the robe. She made an encouraging moan.

Slowly I lifted the robe, exposing her naked pussy. I wet a finger and slid it between her lips, feeling the heat of her snatch and enjoying the aroma that my invasion of the molten valley between her labia had released.

I was dribbling, a jewel of precum oozing from my cock and not wanting to wait I slid into her increasingly wet pussy with a little effort, the resistance caused by her not-quite lubricated state heightening my feeling of naughtiness. She grasped the edges of the sink and steadied herself against my slow and deep thrusts. She spat toothpaste into the bowl and dropped her toothbrush.

I grasped her hips possessing handfuls of flesh, pulling her onto my needful groin. She moaned, almost purred a cat-like noise that aroused me further. Wetter now she seemed to be resisting the urge to push back against me, instead gripping the sink with whitening knuckles to ensure my powerful thrusts didn’t jolt her head into the towels.

We had a small bathroom cabinet at the time so I could see just a vignette of myself fucking her from behind. Funny, because we’ve done it in a similar fashion at home since (with our large mirrored cabinet and in hotel rooms with huge mirrors behind the sinks. This was the horniest though, because of its impromptu nature and the fact that the restricted view I was getting of my sexual frenzy added a voyeuristic element to the whole experience.

It was all over in a few minutes. I know Suze enjoyed it but she didn’t cum. She was very wet as my growled orgasm echoed around the tiled room, but not orgasmic. As my pelvic thrusting subsided she wriggled off the end of my cock and turned to face me. I received a passionate thank you kiss and a cooked breakfast too …