Lesbian Sex, A Question

By | June 5, 2011

Girls KissingIt’s a commonly held belief that all women are latent lesbians, or at very least bisexual. I don’t mean they are all gagging for a lesbian encounter but that they all understand the charms and attractions of a female body. For a man it’s an appealing thought and forms the basis of the perennial male fantasy that their partner would want to get it on with another woman, with them watching or maybe just telling them about it afterwards. Of course the ultimate fantasy would be a bisexual three-way encounter …

I really am curious as I am in the unusual position of having an openly bisexual partner who has had relationships with women in the past and given the right circumstances would do so again in the future. I therefore can’t put myself in the position of what you might call a “conventional” couple where their relationship is entirely heterosexual but there is a potential for unrevealed bisexual proclivities.

So, I’m asking the question “How many women out there would be willing or have had the urge to sleep with another woman?”

Of course as a man I can see the attraction because I am attracted to women. It skews my judgement and means that I cannot make an objective assessment of the potential for experimental lesbianism amongst females, even if they do not choose to live life as a non-heterosexual.

And here’s another question. I’m really open to other sexualities, Suze and I both are, but I have rarely found myself willing to even contemplate sex with another man. I’m just not attracted to guys, so does this make me biased? Surely if I can contemplate same-sex relationships amongst women with such obvious relish does my reluctance to feel the same about men indicate that I know the answer to my question about girl-on-girl sex?