Online Sex Talk

By | June 5, 2011

Cyber GirlMy life is a bit of a tangle. That’s not a problem but a commentary on the sort of life running a sex blog anonymously entails. It’s only when I stop and think about it that I realise how much time I spend, well actually we both spend, treading carefully between the metaphorical mines that this lifestyle lays for us.

That’s not as bad as it seems. I would suggest that on the plus side I might just have (metaphorically) exploded over the past few years without the blog as an outlet. Or maybe not. You see the expansion of our sexual horizons is in no small part due to sex blogging. We’ve always been open to new ideas and the Internet has provided us with access to those ideas. Being stimulated mentally is the best way to develop sexually and we have developed so very, very much.

So would I have been able to contain my sexuality? Probably I suppose because on reflection we have always had a great sex life, even if we were perhaps a little restless without knowing why. We’ve never been ones to look elsewhere for sexual gratification, well not without the company of the other, but were in a quiet way looking to expand our sexual repertoire and experience.

Without this sex blog we would have progressed slowly, discovering new things but at a slower pace and never experiencing some of the things that we have, or some of the sensations that I am sure are yet to come from our adventure.

Like I said in a piece recently our horizons offline are intrinsically linked to our online life especially in the adult industry, but our real lives are not limited by or to online. That means we are expanding ever outwards rather than looking over our shoulder too much. Learn from experience don’t keep reliving the past, that’s silly.

One of the most unexpected things to happen out of our blogging has been the ways in which it has helped us both develop our careers outside adult arenas. Sorry, can’t go into detail as that is a minefield. LOL You see, it can be very tricky to talk about the interface between online and off.

I suppose in the future we may merge the two sides of our lives, but they work pretty well separate except for the occasional hairy moment … and anyway, that makes it even more exciting.