Fondling My Boobs

By | June 5, 2011

Nice CleavageI’ve been considering having a proper bra fitting for some time now.  When selecting a bra lately I’ve had to take several styles and cup sizes in to the changing rooms because the fits have been variable.  I don’t know if this is due to styles having different fits or because I tend to by generic bras from places like La Senza and M & S who have really upped the ante when it comes to styling.

Today I grabbed a couple of sizes in a t-shirt bra to take away on my holiday at the weekend.  I have several colours already but nothing which will be discreet is the straps show, so I selected a flesh coloured bra in both B & C cup to try on.

I found that neither fitted me very well, the B cup was too small and the C cup despite fitting flattened my boobs too much.  It was like the cups were shallow and pushed my boobs up against my chest rather than displaying them in all their glory.

In frustration I pushed the button on the wall of the fitting cubicle which alerted the assistant that I required help.  She was knocking on my door moments later and had tape measure around my naked frame in no time.

After taking several measurements of my boobs and manipulating my breasts she concluded that I was a C cup.  Which is great but I still return to my earlier conclusion that it’s not just about the size of the cup but also the shape of the bra.

She disappeared off to the shop floor and returned with several styles in hand and fitted me in to each.  I must admit that having a woman grope inside my bra and push me in to place is a bit of a turn on.  Good job I’m not a guy because she would have noticed just how much I was being professionally handled.  😉

I had to pull myself back in to line, this cute young thing who was only just over half my age wasn’t going to be interested in me…however if she fancied a bit of a Mrs Robinson moment I wouldn’t have said no.  lol

I’m hoping to keep up the measuring on a regular basis just in case I change sizes again.  Oh, and If you are interested I got a nice balcony bra with smooth cups in beige which gives me a great cleavage.  Now I need to buy some low cut tops to show it off.