Hot Cowgirl Scene And A Lot More

By | June 6, 2011

BlondeHere’s an extra from another hot story over at Kinky Halo:

“Her pussy was neatly trimmed and shaved, naked around the lips with a little triangle of hair pointing down towards her clitoris. As soon as her briefs were removed I could smell she was wet and I wanted to feel just how excited she was. I didn’t get the chance because she immediately sat astride me and using one hand to guide my cock impaled herself on me. I pushed her T shirt up to grab her tits, they were topped with a pair of hard brown nipples that I had to suck. She ground her tight pussy against my groin and enjoyed me suckling hard on her tits. “Mmmmm, aaahhh!” she moaned approvingly as I massaged, nibbled and sucked.”

You can read the rest here Sex With My Best Friend’s Sister.