Porn For Girls

By | June 7, 2011

Peter GriffinI watched my first porn film around the age of 14 and since then have had a keen interest in skin flicks as they were known. My earliest recollection of a film I found in the VHS recorder at home was of a woman being fucked on a love swing with a full bush of hair.

Shaved minge wasn’t the norm back then, it was full on bush and long permed hair. Yes, it was in the 80’s I think. Most of the scenes on the video were shot around household activities. I remember one where she is running the hoover around the house and the next thing she is being eyed up by a visitor.

Eventually I moved on from watching my father’s porn to buying my own. More recently, Alex and I have bought it together from the sex shop. Most of this was the Zero Tolerance type porn. You know the style, girl strips performing for the guy and then gets fucked.

Writing this brings back memories of their stable of actors and one called Mark White, he always no matter what kept his white socks on. Off putting to say the least but his trademark. Lol then came Mark Davies who reminded me of a dirty uncle, whose stomach began to overshadow his cock. In the end I think he decided to move on and the last I saw of him he was making BDSM movies.

A constant throughout all of this was the never ending supply of new young blood prepared to be fucked by guys old enough to be their…well, I’ll leave that to your imagination. I suppose this made it look like most girls are accessible to all men but to me it interpreted as being rather unattractive porn. If I want to see an older guy get off with a young girl I would look for it as speciality not mainstream porn – is there such a thing as mainstream porn.

I know this may come as a shock to some but girls do not get off on watching leathery old guys fucking girls, quite honestly, young enough to be their daughters. And this is exactly where some of the porn being produced, not just then, but now is based.

Being a girl who loves her porn, I would love to see a standard retirement age for the guys in porn just like there seems to be for the girls. They have to realise that there is a sell by date for both sexes, not just the girls but the guys too. At least be vaguely comparable in age, like in Japanese elder porn.

Step on over and let some young blood take over. But that is just my opinion. Are there any girls reading, if so what do you think?