Bound And Wet

By | June 8, 2011

SuzeAlex and I have indulged from time to time in BDSM play, I say play because we aren’t hard and fast BDSMers by any means. We enjoy the role play and the restriction that this kind of sexual play has to offer. And when coupled with a light spanking of flogging it can be a most enjoyable experience.

So you can imagine our delight at being given a glow in the dark restraint set to test drive for Sex Toys Buzz. 😉 Without going in to too much detail because you can read the review here, the set comprised of a couple of pots of fluorescent body paint, ball gag, blindfold and wrist and ankle cuffs.

Alex opened the box and I lay back on the bed whilst he removed the contents whilst sat on the edge of the bed with his back to me. I closed my eyes and began to relax. Hearing Alex put the box down and his movement on the bed I opened my eyes to see him in front of me wearing luminescent green stripes of war pain on his face.

I was about to giggle but I was stopped in my tracks as his hand went behind my head and a ball gag was placed in my mouth. He was serious and I was turned on! Next he took my hands and attached each cuff around my wrist in turn and then locked them together with the hook.

Then he took hold of my foot and repeated the attachment of restraints to my ankles, securing them together with the hook. He then rolled me over on to my front and pushed my knees underneath me so I was now on all fours.

Finally he applied the blindfold and I was totally at his mercy. He adjusted my position by moving my hips. I was now face down, turned to the side on the mattress. With my hands above my head.

I could see Alex in the dark of the room light by a the green fluorescence of my ankle cuffs. He looked spooky and at the same time dominant with his tribal stripes. I was more than ready to do his bidding as he pushed his wet fingers inside me and began to wiggle them against my g-spot.

This solicited a moan, no several from me. It had been a while since I succumbed to Alex’s digital play. Then without warning he removed them and replaced them with his hard cock. Pushing it firmly inside me, stretching me, filling me up. The darkness of the blindfold amplified the pleasure of his thrusts.

I was wet, so wet.

He started to really go for it, fucking me like I was his toy, his muse, his whore. It came over me so rapidly that first orgasm and was quickly followed by another. This encouraged Alex to his sexual plateau and with a deep guttural roar he fucked me one more tine and then twitched behind me as he filled me with his come.

We moaned in unison as he squirted his last drop inside me and then collapsed over my buttocks. Moments of unspoken after glow passed and then he lay next to me on the bed, spent and sated.

I rolled on to my side waiting to be freed from my bonds smiling inwardly and drooling slightly from the ball in my mouth. 😉

As I said, you can read more here.