Getting Your Dick Sucked

By | June 8, 2011

CharlieI’ve been busy doing techy stuff on the sites and Suze has been taking up the slack with writing posts. It’s a sensible division of labour but does leave me feeling I’ve been slacking when it comes to writing for the sites.

So I sat down and stared at a blank piece of virtual of paper, getting more and more forlorn as the minutes ticked by. I was lacking in inspiration because the day had been long and hard, Sunday a day of rest? Not in this house.

Suze notice I had been uncharacteristically unproductive and asked what was wrong. I told her I was a little tired and unable to fix on a specific idea to write about.

“Ah!” she said “I’ll see if I can do something about that.

I wondered what she meant until she slid of her chair and disappeared under the desk. I felt my dressing gown being pulled apart and the cool late evening air chill my genitals. Then the warm moist tongue that is so familiar to me began to tease the end of my cock, probing inside the foreskin.

My cock began to stir, balls immediately tightening and my pulse quickening. I felt Suze’s hand slide back my foreskin and her lips close around my glans. Her tongue licked around my end, making the blood rush quickly to the tip of my cock.

One of her hands was on my knee, I leant to one side, the other was on her left breast, fingers pinching the nipple. I spread my legs to allow her easier access. Her movement still impaired she lifted the lever on the gas lift chair and I dropped suddenly, momentarily disorientated and surprised, but hugely gratified as she took more of me into her mouth.

I felt myself slide to the back of her throat and leant back in my chair. Her hand moved from my knee to cup my tight balls. Her other hand still working on her nipples through her night clothes.

My cock was now straining to become upright, but was held in a warm, welcoming prison with a lively muscular warder. Her tongue worked tirelessly lapping at my cock as precum began to issues from its tip. I knew it was happening because of the contented moans emanating from under the desk.

I began to type this post, but soon gave up as the slurping and sloshing sounds from beneath the desk distracted me. Suze’s hand had descended between her legs and were working on her pussy.

The moment took me over the unexpected advance, the warm mouth working on my cock and the wanton woman sucking on my dick conspired to reduce me to a being with one urge. To cum.

I could smell the arousal from Suze’s cunt rising from beneath me; And that was all it took. My balls twitched and I was cumming squirting cum into Suze’s mouth, causing her to pull away with the force of the ejaculation and the paroxysm that this caused as she herself came. Spunk shot from me and covered her chin (as I discovered as she emerged from beneath the desk.

Writing doesn’t have to be such a chore.