Teagan Presley – Bubble Butt

By | July 10, 2008

Teagan PresleySomeone has to say it. Teagan Presley seems to be having a bit of a rocky time at the moment. I know her from a few years ago as an enthusiastic young porn star with what is termed a “bubble butt”.

Her marriage is in trouble and that leaves her with two kids to support. Porn marriages must be the worst kind to hold together. It’s one thing when Guy Richie and Madonna are alleged to be having marital issues, she only did the “Sex” book twenty years ago, but being married to a working porn star must have its extra stresses and strains.

The poor lass has even opted to have her boob implants out, (which were in my opinion a bad idea anyway as she had nice petite boobs) though I can’t find out if she’s had new ones in …

Good luck girl, I hope it works out for you.