More Than Enough Cum To Go Around

By | June 8, 2011

BabydollSloppy Seconds

Because we both work during the day and don’t often find time before work we usually slip off to the bedroom around working on the site. I know it sounds a bit sad but if we didn’t you wouldn’t be reading this post now. Lol

The evenings usually become a blend of writing, researching and fucking. And not particularly in that order. We have commitments to the site and each other and we have managed to balance the two up to now but I must admit that burning the midnight oil takes its toll over the week.

Having the discipline to work all day and evening makes this job bloody hard work. Work which we will hopefully reap the rewards for later.

That’s why I love the weekends they aren’t quite so frantic and can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace rather than having to rush at it.

Towards the end of the evening we retire to the bedroom for the final time before we settle down to sleep and indulge ourselves once more in a little hanky panky. Second time around we don’t need to worry about lubrication, I’m usually oozing with Alex’s earlier in the evening ejaculate.

It seems no matter how much you move around your pussy is always full of come. To say that men only really shoot a few teaspoons it seems to go a bloody long way. So when we get down to our second shag of the night it seems like there is half a pint inside me.

Alex is sloshing around in there and has to withdraw his cock from me a few times to wipe it on toilet tissue to dry me out a little. Lol

He gets to experience sloppy seconds but they are his own. 😉