How I Want To Fuck You

By | July 11, 2008

While Busty is away the mouse will play!

She’s back on Monday and I’m really looking forward to her return. It’s been so incredibly busy at work and I also missed peeking at her in her low cut tops. 😉 Perhaps she will reveal to me if she has an all over tan…I can dream can’t I?

I have been a bit naughty while she has been away. I’ve been eyeing up new employees. A new guy has started in the marketing department and he is gorgeous! Tall, dark, handsome and intelligent.

He has been with us for 3 days and there I go making designs upon his flesh already. To tell the truth I feel a little bit guilty. Not because of Alex, he is such an understanding partner. No, because this guy is so much younger than me. He has to be about 23.

I can hear the music from The Graduate playing in the background. Lol It’s strange when I look at him and talk to him he seems far older and more mature than his years. But there is still that little guilt monster sitting on my shoulders for being such a dirty cow.

Then today something new was thrown in to the mix. I think he could be gay. I’m not absolutely sure about this, he just gives me vibes when I talk to him. It would be great if I was wrong but call it women’s intuition or something but he is giving me this feeling.

Suze may need to investigate this further and put it to the test…If only I knew how…