When The Girls Get It On For You

By | June 10, 2011

There are something that will always distract you. Like a slap to the face, a shout of “You coming down the pub?” and of course your partner sitting next to you at the computer looking at a video of two girls getting friendly.

It’s a fact of nature that most blokes love a bit of girl-on-girl action. Even if they don’t care to admit it. And you have to be pretty up-tight not to admit it. I mean many women don’t feel as threatened by girl-on girl porn as they do by male-female porn. And often they find it a bit of a turn-on. Maybe bi-curious is the default state for women? Discuss, LOL!

I’ve covered the subject of girl-on girl being a popular turn-on. I think it works on a lot of levels because it’s out of the normal heterosexual run of the mill and is pretty non-threatening to both sexes.

BTW it came up because Suze was watching the video above. I think it’s been cut for YouTube, but you get the idea.