The Invitation

By | January 17, 2007

This is a continuation of the events described here and here

I took one look at Carl and though about it for a moment and then stood up.  I wasn’t going to let him get away, after all I had waited a long time for this moment and now it was handed to me on a plate.  Sometimes luck smiles on you.

Carl took hold of my hand to reassure me and we both made our way to the front of the bus.  I didn’t dare to look to my sides and capture the look on the faces of my colleagues.  That would wait until next week at work.

We alighted the bus on to a frosty pavement in front of a Victorian 3 storey house.  It struck me that Carl may have slightly more going for him than I first realised.  Lol  I had dreamed about living in one of these grand old houses with more floors and rooms than you know what to do with.

He linked his arm through mine and walked me down the tiled path towards the house.  Reality then hit.  There were several door bells on the entrance wall with small names written in biro under them.  This was shared accommodation.  That wasn’t the end of the disappointment, there was more to come.  He proceeded to lead me up several flights of stairs to the very top of the house.

As we reached the last level a green door appeared in front of us.  This must be his I thought to myself.  He opened the door and gestured for me to enter.  It was gloomy except for the orange glow afforded by the streetlamp outside.  Carl turned on the light.

I was inside what appeared to be a small flat.  The room had a two seater sofa, television, stereo and a small coffee table.  Carl took my coat while I continued to look around.  “Well, this is my little flat”, he offered.  “Can I get you a glass of wine or something?”, he asked.  I told him a glass of white would be nice.

He walked in to the adjacent kitchenette which was separated from the living area by a small wall with a worksurface on top.  It looked like a breakfast bar.  He opened a cupboard and retrieved two glasses.  The  “The bathroom is over there”, he said pointing to the white glossed hardboard door opposite.

I opened the door and took a peek.  There was barely enough room to sit on the pot and close the bloody door.  Most definitely biju.  🙂  If he was in the kitchenette, that would make it the “toil….ette”  Lol.  I decided to wait until it was absolutely necessary to take a leak before using the bathroom.

Carl passed me my drink and we took a seat on the sofa.  It felt like I had fallen right through it, do you know the feeling when you sit down and the padding actually disappears from under you?  “It’s small but it doesn’t take much looking after”, he assured me.  I think he had noticed the look of disappointment on my face.  I smiled, not wishing to offend him.

He took my glass from me and placed it on the table with his own.  “Now, where were we?”, he asked leaning in to kiss me.  His tongue played with my tonsils whilst his hand moved around my back and he gently pulled the halter neck undone.  The fabric loosened and then slipped away from my breasts. 

I swung on the knot in his tie and lifted it over his head and discarded it on the floor to the side of the sofa.  I moved on to his shirt, undoing each button in turn then pulling off the garment and throwing it on the floor to the side of the sofa.  I remember clearly his groin had white marks all down the front where we had screwed on the coach.  I smiled knowingly.

He took hold of both my breasts and kissed each erect nipple in turn.  My heart started to pound and I was sure he could here the rapid beat of my excitement.  “Just a moment”, he said standing up and unfastening his trousers.  I joined him in front of the sofa and steeped out of my dress, placing it on the back of the sofa.

Carl slipped out of his trousers and stood before me in his boxer shorts.  “I’ll put some music on”, he announced as he fingered his way along a line of CD’s on the shelf above the stereo.  “Can we listen to this?”, I enquired, passing him The Smiths Greatest Hits.  “Sure”, he replied placing the CD in his player.

Isn’t it great how alcohol takes away any inhibitions?  I was now stood next to Carl wearing just a pair of stockings and a thong.  The music started to play…”Panic on the streets”…I certainly wasn’t, had I been sober I don’t think I would have found the situation so easy to handle.

Two arms embraced me and Carl’s lips met mine once again.  We kissed deeply and passionately.  My heart was still beating fast and now my pussy was pulsing too.  That thong of mine was now soaked in my own juices.  I could feel Carl’s hardon pressing in to me as he pulled me closer to him.  I pulled him on to me grabbing his buttocks in my hands.

He manoeuvred me around to the back of the settee, resting my buttocks down on the top.  He parted from my lips and bent slightly, taking up my left nipple and sucking hard.  I groaned with appreciation and slumped against the sofa.  He teased my nipple, flicking it with his tongue and then he twisted it between his fingers.  It hurt a little but was pleasurable at the same time.  He kissed my stomach and continued on his descent down my body.

He stopped when his head was level with my groin and with his right index finger he pulled my thong aside.  He gently ran his finger down my slippery slit and then took it to his mouth to taste my sweetness.  As he ran his tongue over his fingers he looked up at me with such a horny smile.

I wanted him, none of the preamble, just good hard fucking.  He started lap at my puffy labia, my excitement had made them swollen and engorged.  Ready to fuck.  I took his head in my hands and guided him back to my mouth.  We kissed again but with more passion this time, I cut my lip in the excitement when our teeth collided but it didn’t matter, nothing mattered…

I reached down and pushed my hand under the elasticated waistband of his boxers and let them fall to the floor.  His cock popped up and caught my inner thigh as it bounced in to position.  At this point I couldn’t see my prize and because of our close proximity I couldn’t take his manhood in my hands.

Carl broke away from the kiss and hooked the left side of my thong, pulling it down over my hips.  It hit made a rapid decent down my legs, made faster by the weight of the body fluid soaked gusset.  I kicked it to one side.  Carl lifted me up on to the back of the sofa, my legs were now dangling over the edge.  I put my arms around his neck and placed my feet either side of his naked body on to the breakfast bar.

He started to nibble the left side of my neck and I leaned away allowing him better access.  I felt his fingers touch my inner labia, then he ran them up and down my slit and coated the tip of his erection with my fluid.  I then felt him push his cock inside me.  My breathing quickened with the anticipation of that wonderful first thrust.  Carl pushed himself inside me and groaned his satisfaction.  I sat perched on the edge of the sofa and I recall thinking for the first time in my life and thankfully the last (touch wood) *Is he in yet?*

I had never been in this situation before, the other guys I had fucked were obviously adequately endowed or knew how to use it.  But Carl seemed to have neither quality.  I can’t explain just how disappointed I was, I had waited for this moment for so long and now I felt deflated.  He was moving in and out of me and moaning and groaning very appreciatively and all I could do was wonder exactly how he could be enjoying the moment so much when I couldn’t feel a thing.

It then struck me that I had to join in, I couldn’t sit there emotionless.  I started to groan in time with his thrusts.  Let me tell you if you have never had to fake it before it is extremely difficult to act out.  Not only did I feel a total fraud but it was so alien to pretend, I felt very uncomfortable doing it.  I had to keep telling myself that it was for his sake, I didn’t want to put him off sex forever.  Well, he continued to fuck and I continued to buck against him and moan in time with his rapid thrusting.  And fortunately it didn’t take him long to cum.  With a final thrust and a groan, he collapses on my shoulder breathless and spent.

I on the other hand felt a sense of guilt and deceit, coupled with an underlying feeling of being dirty.  Don’t ask me why but I felt like a “working girl” must feel after her punter has just cum.  I of course lied about the experience and made my excuses shortly after a quick clean up and left.

Funny how sometimes you feel it would have been better not to know how would be to fuck a work colleague and this was one of those times.  Before our tryst I could enjoy the scenarios I created in my head involving him and myself.  Get off thinking just how good it would be…now all I felt was disappointment and like damaged goods.

There were a couple of very strained weeks afterwards at work.  I made every excuse in the book not to see him again and as luck would have it, he got a job working for another company he had applied for some weeks before.

So, if there is one lesson to be learned from all this, it’s that sometimes dreams are best left as just that…