Suze Getting Into Porn

By | June 11, 2011

Porn MagsI remember the first time I went in to a newspaper shop with the intention of buying a porno magazine. My boyfriend at the time was a little shy about doing it so I volunteered. Nowadays you can just get online and find it all over the place, back then hardcopy and video was the only source.

It was placed high up on the top shelf and despite being quite tall I still had to get up on my toes to reach it. Not daring to flick through the magazine I had to select one based on the front cover and I didn’t want to spend too long looking at them in case someone I knew walked in the shop. Lol

After a few weeks of regular visits to the shop I became quite brazen and non-plussed about purchasing my regular porn fixes and didn’t mind going to the shop at all.

The next stage for me was to go in to the local sex shop in town. It was a blacked out fronted shop with Adult Shop over the door, so no mistaking where you were about to enter. Oooh errrr!