Porn Stars In The Street

By | June 12, 2011

OutedWhat would you do if you met a celebrity? I don’t mean you went to somewhere specifically to meet/see a celebrity – that would pretty much answer my question. I.E. you’d be there to see them perform, wave an autograph book at them and/or scream hysterically until you passed out and had to be dragged off by two security guard called Kev and Barry who smell of fried bacon and Rothmans.

What I mean is, if you were out getting some groceries and bumped into a “star”, what would your reaction be? Well mine is usually more of uncertainty about what to do than to do anything. I occasionally see celebs, I don’t move in circles where I bump into them too much. In one case I remember being cringingly embarrassed watching a very drunk fellow attendee at the works party getting over-friendly with an aging pop-star. On another occasion I complimented the celeb on his most recent film and wished I hadn’t as it seemed to embarrass him. Not the effect I had hoped for.

What if it were a porn star?

They aren’t usually the shy, retiring types but even so. Should you run up to them and tell them you’re their greatest fan? Is it right to mention their “best cum shot”, or “really horny group scene”?