Lesbian Leather Biker Chicks Please

By | June 13, 2011

Suzi PerryDon’t ask me why because I can’t give you an answer. But the thought of motor bikes and leather bring out the wild child in me. As a teenager I was a rock chic and I suppose the two go hand in hand. But I recall even as a youngster being excited by motor bikes. Was it the danger? I don’t know, it was almost inbred in me. 😉

When I became old enough to hang out with “Bikers” it was a comfortable obsession/fetish for me. I love the smell of leather, always have and the squeak it makes when moving around. And don’t get me started on how it feels beneath naked flesh. Sorry, got carried away there.

Although it is wipe clean.

Combine the smell of leather, petrol and the throbbing hum of a powerful bike engine with…

…one hot chick and you get

Suzi Perry, she gets my motor running … lesbina, bi? I should be so lucky.