Anal Sex The Easy Way

By | July 12, 2008

I must admit I don’t really get as much time as I used to for reading erotic books. My time is now eaten away by my day job and the posts I write for this and our other sites, sextoysbuzz, and a-rouse.

The problem with reading erotica is that you sometimes have to suspend your belief for a moment. I can be my own worst critic, therefore when reading someone else’s work it can be difficult for me not to over analyse things.

Let me give you an example. The last book I read had a story in it about a girl laying on a sun lounger, relaxing in the garden on a hot summers day. She was wearing no panties and to cut a long story short her boyfriend could not resist the invitation and fucked her on their.

The part that did not work for me was that after giving her a good seeing to vaginally he flipped her over. Then without the need for any lube at all her managed to fuck her arse – and he slipped in there with such ease.

Now you and I both know that this is impossible if you have any bowel control at all. It hurts like fuck if you try and take an erect cock up there without any preparation, take it from me. I know because I once tried when I got a little over excited whilst fucking in the conventional style.

I ran spit around my anus with my finger and asked Alex to fuck me. As soon as he tried to penetrate my depths I realised that this was a crazy idea, it hurt and was not at all pleasant.

Perhaps I think too much about what I read but for me the positions and acts need to at least be credible for me to become immersed in the storyline.

Does anyone else agree with me on this, are there aspects of stories which haven’t rung true, such as unachievable postions and scenarios. What is the worst one you have come across? Pardon the pun. Lol