Cumming And Cumming Some More

By | June 17, 2011

Wet BreastThis only happened to me once, a while ago. but I wish it would happen again…

We were making love, just for a change and just as I was reaching the climactic moment I got stitch in my side. Suze was groaning and bucking so I decided not to stop, despite the growing pain in my right side.

I felt her cum, wet with her pussy clenching my cock. And I heard her cum the half-vocalised sounds of appreciation almost shouted into the pillow. I even managed to cum, it was pleasant and yet rather tempered by the pain I was feeling.

I rolled to one side and after a few moments of post-coital glow Suze noticed the grimace on my face. “Are you OK?” she asked. I explained about the cramp. “You should have stopped.” She said.

I explained that I knew she was close and that I had cum, though that was hardly necessary as white semen was still running from the end of my cock onto my stomach.

Then the strangest thing happened. OK, strange is the wrong word, however this is the first time it’s happened to me. I started to get hard again. Spontaneously and without provocation. I lay there in the post-ejaculation state that would normally precede a slowly softening penis yet found my cock as hard as I could have wished for.

Suze watched my erection with puzzlement, not wanting to suggest that we go at it again. I however wanted to see if this second and rock-hard erection would deliver the goods.

It did just that. From the moment I slid between Suze’s legs, trailing the semen from my previous ejaculation across her thighs I could feel that this orgasm was going to be special. Suze gasped at the depth of penetration and soon closed her eyes and hung on to the bed head for purchase. It was a short and frantic fuck which ended in Suze cumming a moment before my orgasm, an intense and rip-roaring orgasm that gave me a cascade of synaesthetic colour.

Having collapsed onto Suze’s chest, between her gorgeous breasts, I drifted for a while in my own joyful haze.