Lesbians On-Tap

By | July 12, 2008

It’s a common enough male fantasy – that you can turn your woman bisexual with the right coercion but is it true? Personally I don’t think so because, open as I am to suggestion, I don’t feel the urge to have sex with a man if I see a well-hung, muscular guy, or a twink or anything in between of the male gender.

My sexuality is malleable but it is inconceivable to me that I would suddenly begin to fancy a gender that I have never had the slightest of interest in.

It could be argued that women might find it easier to relate to other women and therefore be more easily “turned”. But that is a red herring in my opinion. While I think that women who are gay or bisexual may find that particular aspect of the female character an element of what attracts them to women, it’s not the reason they are gay or bi.

Being bicurious doesn’t make you gay either. We’ve all wondered about our sexuality as we’ve grown up, some may even have experimented, but experimentation is not a lifestyle or sexuality.