Masturbation As A Productivity Tool

By | June 17, 2011

FellatioI’m having a bit of a mental block as far as writing is concerned this week.  I go through stages like that and then all of a sudden I get my mojo back and things start to flow again.  It’s a bit like having something stuck in the ubend I suppose.  Lol

I find that you need to release the valve to get the creative juices flowing once more.  For me that valve seems to be sexual release.  In other words a good orgasm which can blow your mind and the cobwebs away.

If I had picked up that DVD to review once I had picked it up 10 times and nothing seemed to flow from me.  Right, something had to be done to break the cycle of tension.  I know why I was feeling this way, it was due in part to our previous host for the site behaving like an arsehole and I had to get over it.

I took myself off to the bedroom armed with a clit vibe and a porn DVD.  There I go multi tasking again.  🙂  My viewing selection was Sweet Tits Italiano, I lurve boobies and make no secret of it.

After shutting the curtains and turning on the DVD player I reclined on the bed feeling horny as hell. I pulled the thin cover we have been using during the hot spell over me and lay back.  The blonde was a dirty bitch and had a great pair of tits on her.

Retrieving my clit vibe from my draw I moistened my index and middle finger with my saliva and ran them between my swollen labia.  Fuck she’s got great tits!…sorry I got carried away there.  I placed my clit vibe between my legs to warm whilst I did the same taking up the visual feast of large bouncing titties on screen.

He was giving her a really good seeing to and I needed to be sated too.  I placed the clit vibe over my swollen, engorged clitoris and pressed that button.  Fuck, there was no stopping me from bringing myself off.  Her tits swayed as he fucked the hell out of her pussy.  Large aerolaed and nippled breasts that I would give my arm to suck…

But for now I had to take care of my own pleasure.  I was so fucking horny and ready to come…

That clit vibe was now hitting the spot and I could sense those tell tale electrical impulses which radiate from my groin.  My toes and fingers were tingling and my hips had taken up a natural tilt to aid stimulation and ultimately orgasm.

Unfortunately my clit vibe is not the quietest in the world but very effective for me.  I say that because before I had chance to orgasm my cat jumped on my groin looking very disturbed by all the noise down there the little…

This put me off ever so slightly, that and the claws sticking in to my hips.  Lol.

To be continued…  😉