Retro Stealth Porn

By | June 17, 2011

Health And EfficiencyHow on earth did they get away with it? I ask you a magazine full of nude pictures that would (and I suppose probably did) have some more conservative members of the public up in arms disguised as a publication about naturism and the joys of … well looking at nude pictures of ladies. All very tastefully done of course, nipplage without the minge, breasts without pussy on display and all very cleverly pushed as the respectable side of skin mags.

The magazine, now rebranded H & E Naturist would of course argue differently and of course there is a lot of truth in the assertion that naturists are buying the magazine for information and using it as a resource for well, whatever naturists do. I suppose what naturists do is what the rest of us do, except without any clothes on.

Actually if you look back at our (UK) attitude towards naturists you find that a lot of it stems from jealousy and a tendency towards prudishness to cover up our own collective inquisitiveness about naturism and possibly our desire to try it out. Isn’t it always the way?

Take the tabloid, those lovely red-topped dailies that moralise about anything and everything (especially about sex, adultery, infidelity and kinky sex) while simultaneously publishing as much as they can that is salacious and seedy to move as many copies as possible. You see I have a sneaking admiration for the H & E publishers, they did what others in publishing couldn’t do and provided a resource for a genuine special-interest group and simultaneously a little tasteful wanking material for the rest of us.