Rock Chick Gang Bang

By | June 18, 2011

Girls AloudTeenagers of both sexes are preoccupied with one thing. The opposite sex. That’s why bands of the boy or girl persuasion are so popular.

Starting with crushes before the hormones get flowing, through fancying one or more of the members of the band to full-on fantasies of sex with one or more of the members they serve a purpose that can have little to do with music.

I can’t speak for girls here, not being one, but teenage boys do spend a lot of time lusting after girls anyway. So put girls in a well produced video, in great clothes with their hair and makeup turned up to 11 on the party scale and they’re impossible to ignore. If you throw in a bit of pouting, or implied girl-girl action as well then you can’t go wrong.

It occurs to me to wonder what the members of these bands think about all those fans who not only listen to their music but also spend a lot of time fantasising about them. The best attitude is to feel flattered, though it’s got to be easy to get creeped out by the idea. Especially if the fantasies involve producing certain bodily fluids.

Or maybe it isn’t that creepy. Masturbation and sexual fantasies are hardly uncommon, or unnatural. So long as they involve the sort of desires that we all feel towards the gender of our choice, to meet, to love, to cherish and to eventually fuck their brains out … then it’s not unhealthy.

However it can go too far. For example the Girls Aloud fan who blogged about getting intimate and then killing the members of the group. I think it’s fair to say that sort of imaginary relationship betrays a rather dangerous disposition on his part.

I have fantasised about female pop stars in the past. However I’ve never felt the urge to actually meet one of them. You could argue, that shows that I was simply objectifying those women. I would argue that I was appreciating their charms, charms they were happy to exploit to promote their careers. Further to that I’d say that not wanting to meet them displays an element of common sense often lacking from young music fans.

I would always consider what happens when a star-struck fan meets their idol. If the “star” is savvy they will be kind, considerate, friendly and guide the fan through the experience. The fans often need guiding. I’ve seen it happen, they are so excited and in-awe that they often make complete tits of themselves. Think what would happen if they suddenly blurted out that they spent many a happy evenings masturbating over their latest album or music video …

So not meeting the object of your wank fantasy isn’t such a bad thing. Especially if you always wanted to do all of Girls Aloud a the same time.