Victoria Beckham – Cellulite And Spite

By | July 12, 2008

Victoria BeckhamCelebrity brings many things, wealth, happiness … often swiftly followed by unhappiness and messy divorce. However Victoria Beckham has so far avoided that. She and David are managing to avoid the doldrums so far.

What they haven’t avoided is controversy over Victoria’s weight (or lack of it) and the allegations that David’s been a naughty boy and indulged in some extracurricular activity on the horizontal training ground.

What you have to ask is if the problems that the couple have so far weathered have been driven by the desire of some people to try and make a quick buck out of anyone famous, or if it’s pure spite. Success is that catalyst that creates in some people the desire to attack and destroy. They see someone with more money or fame than themselves and want to drag that person down.

Maybe that’s the case with Victoria Beckham. She doesn’t help matters by (IMHO) coming across as self-centred and snooty. That’s bound to attract bad feeling. I don’t like her and I don’t think she has any particular talent, but I saw an image on the Internet today that seemed to have been digitally altered to give the impression that her left leg was shrivelled and scarred.

That sort of effort, to create an image that has no financial value for yourself and you can never be credited for, has to stem from a pretty venomous spiteful attitude towards her. I don’t like her but as with most people who I don’t care for I simply avoid them.

Maybe the Photoshop artist simply resents her having David … who knows?

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