Dirty Panty-Go-Round

By | June 16, 2011

Underwear ModelMy earliest memories of selecting underwear would be when I was about 8 years old.  Well I say selecting my own underwear, back in those days there wasn’t too much choice and you really had to select from a cohort of panties your mum had pre selected.

In my case, my mum being like most, practical usually opted for a pair which you could pull up under your armpits and tuck your vest in.  Lol

The other prerequisite was that they should “boil”.  I don’t quite know what the obsession with being able to boil your underwear came from.  Perhaps from the washing machines of the day which consisted of twin tubs, one for washing which usually wasn’t adequately themostatically controlled and the other to spin and rinse your washing.  Crude by today’s standards but back in the day better than a single tub.  Lol

Time passed by and I noticed that my friends were wearing much smaller panties than I was and I managed to persuade my mum to let me wear bikini briefs.  And shortly after that I was wanting to purchase my first bra but that’s a story for another time.

Then when I hit my late teens I progressed in to the skimpier panties just like my friends.  And from then on in there was no turning back, throughout my thirties and in to my forties I still like to wear g-strings.

I wore ones so tiny that they wouldn’t have covered up anything bigger than a vestas box.  Not really worth wearing anything at all.  Lol

And now I seem to have come round full circle.  I went to Marks & Spencer to buy my usual multipack of everyday thongs to find that you can only purchase large pants, lady boxers and the like.  WTF! Why are there no thongs?

I came away with a multipack of panties I can once again tuck a vest in should I wish to wear one.  lol