Checking Out All That Italian Pussy

By | June 14, 2011

AssAs you read this we are on vacation to Tuscany.  For the last 6 months both of us have been thinking of getting away to our little Italian idle to keep us going and now we are so close I can smell that anti pasta.  🙂

I’ve spent many weeks over there as a child but wouldn’t consider any of my holidays to have been anything other than visits to a European version on Blackpool.  I never had the chance to savour the real Italy with its piazzas and quaint little villages.

This time I will be able to enjoy the true beauty of the country, its people and culture without it being besmirched with English pubs and dare I say it the English.  I want to escape from it all with a little phrase book and go bare back through some of the most historic and awesome countryside there is to discover.

I will try to keep an “Italian Diary” for you all to read what we have been up to because I don’t think getting on line will be an option when we are over there.  A good thing I suppose to truly relax and soak up the ambience.

And don’t forget Suze has an eye for the females…and males and a camera.  😉