Sex Sun And Sandals

By | June 16, 2011

Socks And SandalsFor years I’ve been trying to persuade Alex that men wearing sandals these days is cool but no matter how hard I tried he still wouldn’t have it.

Instead he would struggle on through the whole of summer wearing training shoes and socks.  His poor feet must have been crying out for release and the ability to take in some air.  Lol

Finally he gave in and bought some for our holiday to Tuscany but even though he gave in, he didn’t quite go all the way.  The training shoes are coming with us because we have a hire car and Alex doesn’t want to drive in sandals because he doesn’t feel safe.

Ok.  I have to agree with him there have been times I’ve caught the pedals with the sole of my sandals.  Never got in to any scrapes but I can see how you might.  So this time I have to agree with him.

I think he had the mental picture above when I mentioned sandals, I must admit it is scary.  lol