Tuscany, Here We Cum

By | June 18, 2011

A ModelWe dragged our selves out of bed at 4.15am on Saturday morning to be at the airport for our 8am flight to Pisa.  OMG!  It’s so hard getting up at that time when you had a late one the night before.  I just find it so difficult to go to bed early, if it had been possible for me to slip in to bed at 9am the evening before I wouldn’t have done it, it’s far too early for me to feel sleepy.

So finally after posting up all our posts on the sites for the coming weeks Alex and I slipped in to bed around 12pm and the next thing both of us knew we were being awoken at an unearthly hour.  But some how you seem to cope with the lack of sleep when you are about to depart on a holiday.  Lol

Check in at the airport was easy and we then went for a big breakfast before departure to avoid having to purchase any of the cardboard in-flight food.  And before we knew it we were being called for our flight.

The flight was a good one apart from the family sat behind us whose small child seemed to be the whinging on the whole flight and was given was rewarded with plenty of attention every time it made the slightest murmur. Perhaps a little spoilt? The fact that she looked like the daughter of Satan made it even worse.  After switching seats to avoid the constant kicking in the back my flight became a little more comfortable.

Can anyone explain to me why parents travel cattle truck style with small children on their knees when for a small fee you can acquire additional leg room and avoid the discomfort for both yourselves and your fellow passengers?  Just thought I would say it out loud.

The child continued to whine on and off throughout the 2 ¼ hr journey and as we disembarked I was hoping they were going for a fortnight not a week like us.  More on that later.  Lol

Baggage collection was fun as we had no idea which carousel it was going to come in on, we followed the crowd and managed to find the correct one.  All was going smooth which was good as it was bloody hot standing around in jeans and a shirt.

Then things took a turn for the worst.  Despite booking a package holiday which included a hire car we still had to queue with everyone else who wanted one on the day.  We took a ticket and our place in the queue, 40 places back…

… approximately 1 ½ hours later we were at the desk signing for our Fiat Panda.  Halleuluah!

Thumbs up for organisation Thomson, what’s the bloody point in booking 6 months in advance to be stood in a queue with everyone deciding to take a hire car that day.  Very bad service.

Eventually we got out of the airport and drove the 1 ½ hour journey to our villa.  Finally we got there at 3.30pm to be greeted by a very friendly family, mother, daughter and husband with one small boy.

They handed over the keys…the holiday had begun at last.