Complete Sensory Overload And A Fuck-Me Orgasm

By | July 13, 2008

This past couple of weeks at work has been really busy and covering for Busty while she has been on her holidays has tired me out.

So this evening when I got home I decided to chill out for a while before Alex got back from working late on a client at the office.

I had a quick bite to eat to keep me going and a swift shower. It then occurred to me that I could try out my latest toy from Vibro Pod Digital Music Stimulator.

Wearing just my bathrobe I reached on top of the wardrobe for the latest goodies package from them, took out the Vibro Pod and retired to the bathroom to wash the bullets in anti bac wash and swiftly dry them on the towel…no time to wait for them to air dry. 😉

Here is the technical low down…

  • The Vibro Pod takes 2 x AA batteries
  • Comes complete with 2 x Interchangeable Rubber-Cote bullets
    Has mini jack with slot for computer or headphones
  • Will automatically beat to the rhythm of your favourite tunes when attached to your MP3 player or has an 8 function vibration mode including pulsation and escalation
  • The control unit is finished in a soft velvety coating and feels nice to hold but if you wish it can be clipped to your clothing

Included is a very nice lilac gossamer pouch to keep all your naughty attachments in

I wondered back in to the bedroom stopping by the office on route to pick up my MP3 player. Once the batteries were loaded and the MP3 player attached I was ready to go. As I lay back on the bed in my robe I must admit I was rather sceptical about the ability of this toy to bring me off. Was it just a gimmick?

First I plugged in and turned on the MP3 player as I lay back on the bed whilst I made a selection from the bullets, I chose the large one. Just like me, always believing that bigger is better. 😉 It plugged snuggly in to the Vibro Pod and had plenty of cable length approx 9′. Plenty to go round there girls!

Once attached I placed the bullet under my robe and between my now rather expectant and moist pussy lips. It rested over my clit and felt warm and soft against my pink flesh. The Reverend And The Makers were now assailing in my ears. If you haven’t heard them click here to listen while you read and you can imagine me vibrating to the beat, throbbing, pulsing with you next to me…

Where was I?

The music was good, it was now time to press the “ON” button and really give this toy a work out. I could feel the tension ebbing out of me as I lay back on the bed, relaxing, listening to the music and BLOODY HELL! That buzzing between my pussy coupled with the rhythm of the music was certainly starting to work its magic on me.

All me previous misconceptions about this toy disappeared from my mind just like the tension from my body. It was fantastic to feel the bullet rattle against me in time to the beat of the music, something I have never sensed before. Both vibration and sound complement each other and give a totally encapsulating experience.

I was now in a world of my own, totally absorbed in my own pleasure and not an ounce of guilt was felt. 😉

The large bullet was giving me some wonderful, pelvic rattling vibration but I wanted to try the smaller bullet for comparison. I thought it would be a more gentle relaxing vibration, affording a bit of comfort.
How wrong was I! From the moment I swapped them over my pelvis was resonating with the vibrations, using me like a tuning fork. The small bullet, much to my amazement and delight, was even more powerful than the larger one.

Within minutes of it being inserted between my lips I could feel myself edging closer to orgasm. An involuntary move, I placed my middle right finger over the top of the bullet and began to massage it in to my swollen clit.

That felt really good. My toes curled upwards and I tensed my buttocks. Music flooded my ears as the tingling started, that tell tale sign that I’m going to come. As the beat grew more rapid my body temperature started to elevate as it does, my toes were now joined by tingling in my fingers.

My back arched from the bed as I twitched and thrashed out my orgasm. I think I may have said something too but I can’t recall and certainly couldn’t hear myself. Perhaps the neighbours will tell me later. Lol

The beat subsided in perfect time with the rapture of my orgasm and I lay spent on top of the bed. Then BANG! The beat picked up again and I had forgotten to power off the Vibro Pod, my clit was so sensitive I let out a yelp before removing the bullet from my pussy.

I looked at myself and somehow I had managed to entangle myself in the wires just like a playfull kitten in a ball of wool. Only better!

“I’ll give it another try when I have come down”, I thought to myself…”just to check that this wasn’t a one off”. 😉