Is She Fit To Be Fucked?

By | June 19, 2011

SuzeThere’s an advert for McCoys crisps that uses the chance to win “Boy’s Toys” to promote sales. According to them, boy’s toys are iPods, games consoles, that sort of thing.

Surely that’s not the case any more. Women have iPods and other MP3 players too, and although games consoles are predominantly male in their audience there are certainly a large number of women who use them.

OK, I know it’s only an advertising campaign but unlike the Yorkie “Not for Girls” advert I find this one a bit flat. You see the Yorkie advert which tries to imply that the female half of the population shouldn’t be eating this particular chocolate works for both sexes. The blokes think it’s blokey chocolate so buy it and the girls think they shouldn’t have it and therefore want it too.

However the McCoys ad is trying to appeal to blokes without actually making the product itself more attractive. It’s like Newspapers selling themselves by offering bingo cards, which seemed to proliferate during the 1980s and 1990s. You’re not selling the product but the add-on. It almost devalues the product by showing that you have to give the consumer something else as a reason to buy your product.

On the other hand sex toys do have to be able to fit – to fuck with. LOL

Some are interchangeable between genders, but others only work for boys or girls.

Another interesting area is “couple friendly porn”. While that aim is very laudable I have trouble seeing how that genre is possible to produce. I agree that there are certain things that the vast majority of women will not want to see in porn and some things that guys will not find a turn-on, yet would appeal to women. However I’ve seen a number of adult movies that claim to be “couple friendly” and I can’t say that I noticed they were any different from the usual studio output.

All individuals are different and all couples are different. It would be interesting to observe another couple watching several porn DVDs and see their reaction to them. Suze and I know what each of us likes and doesn’t like, to see another couples reaction to a “normal” porn DVD and a “couple friendly” DVD could be quite enlightening.

There’s a thought …