I’m So Excited!

By | January 17, 2007


I received an email from the lovely Nina today and I got the biggest surprise.  She informed me that our site AlexSuze.com was up for an award over at Girlspoke.  The news took me by completely unawares, we hadn’t submitted the site for the award.

Which means that some kind person/people out there deserve a special Suze hug for putting us forward for this.  As readers will be aware I have been under the weather lately and this really lifted me.  So a big thanks to whoever put us forward and to those of you who have voted so far.

So, if you love this site and would like to show us just how much, click the button above and register your vote. Then when you’ve registered your vote for us, check out the other sites up for awards in other categories and place your vote for them. Nina’s also up for an award (Hint Hint 🙂 )

BTW, today’s “normal” post is below.