Sunday Morning Sex In Tuscany

By | June 20, 2011

Avenue In SiennaWe woke up to a slightly overcast morning in Italy on our first full day over here.

Suze wanted to get off to do the shopping and then do something we haven’t done for years, lay by the pool and do nothing. Well not quite nothing in my case because I did a little writing, but because I wanted to, not because I had to. That makes a big difference.

I felt it was more appropriate that we should have our first sex in our room looking out over the valley. The window is large enough to make you feel naughty but the other farm houses so far away that you don’t have to worry about putting on a show for the locals.

Suze didn’t take much persuading that the supermarket could wait and as my cock was hard and ready  … why wait?

It was then that we discovered just how squeaky the bed is. Not as bad as ours was a few months ago before I applied the reinforcement. But noisy enough to make us giggle from time to time while we screwed missionary. Nothing fancy, no gymnastics, just good old fashioned missionary two very quick orgasms for Suze and an orgasm for me that felt my balls were being milked dry. Intense.

After a run in the car to the supermarket in the nearest town we lay by the pool for a while I did a little writing and then Suze and I went for a swim. Despite the high-twenties temperatures the water was a little chilly, which has a nice effect on Suze’s nipples but something quite hideous to a guy’s cock. Drying off in the intense Tuscan sun only took a few minutes though.

The day is now just getting hotter and hotter but should be cooling off a little for the party later.