Show Me Those Tan Lines Busty

By | July 14, 2008

It was good to walk in to work this morning and see a golden tanned Busty sitting at her desk. She looked positively radiant and even the puppies looked happy. Lol

She was wearing a nicely cut t-shirt, it just skated over the top of those voluptuous breasts of hers and some black trousers. Rather conservative I thought and then I noticed the shoes…red stilettos. The naughtiness had to show somewhere.

I like to think this little idiocincrisy of hers represents the inner self. And that she secretly looks reserved but underneath she is a dirty girl. Which of course is represented by the touch of red high heels.

Busty had really enjoyed the holiday but not the company so much. Her boyfriend had not been the best conversationalist and having spent two weeks in his company she was wondering why she should continue with him. I kept quiet. You all know how I feel about her. 😉

At one point she showed me her tanned legs and the bites she had sustained. I almost asked if she had any tan lines and if she wanted to show me them. But I thought the better of it. Lol

Perhaps as the week goes on she may get round to showing me. It just occurred to me…has she got any!