Water Sports In The Bedroom

By | June 21, 2011

Pissing In JeansWe’re a couple who are pretty open minded about most things. We’ll try most things and if we don’t like them we’ll not do them again, and if we don’t want to try them because they really do not appeal then we try not to judge people who do indulge in unconventional sexual practices. You really should take that particular stance when it comes to sex because sex is such a varied expression of human sensuality, eroticism and intellect that to criticise anyone’s sexuality just because you don’t understand it or it doesn’t appeal to you is just plain wrong.

There are exceptions, specifically where the participants are not consenting, or not able to give their consent, or where one or more partner may come to permanent harm. No matter how avant garde your sexual preferences we can’t get our heads around that.

We’ve tried a little water sports, in the bathroom, before we got a rather nice PVC bedsheet. It was basically watching each other wet themselves, and it was rather nice, quite intimate and very different. Not directly sexually arousing but certainly something that we could share in a very close and powerful way. We did feel we had shared a new experience with each other and did derive pleasure form it, even it it didn’t directly get us hot.

So when someone suggested that we write a new story for Kinky Halo.com, our free sex story site about water sports it did make me stop and think. I mean how do you write something like that? Well you have to do the research and allow yourself to understand that particular kink.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

Now if anyone else has any requests for new sex stories over on Kinky Halo they can email me them. alex@alexsuze.com Whatever your particular kink or scenario I’ll do my best to write something that will get you hot.