Hairy Pussy Or Shaven Pussy

By | June 21, 2011

Selma HayekThat particular line from “Dusk Til Dawn” popped into my head when I read that in Korea pubic hair is considered a sign of fertility and therefore much in demand. Unlike in the US and Europe, where many women are going for the Brazilian or even Hollywood wax and a naked pussy, or at least a very well trimmed one, is the thing to have.

It’s another one of those cultural things that separates different regions, even within the same country, from one another.

What we find attractive and what society regards as attractive is an ever-changing thing. Evolving over time, it starts with tradition and incorporates other influences from the cultures that we all come into contact with throughout our lives. In the past this was a relatively slow process, but with the new media (radio, TV then the Web) the changes that take place in our perceptions of what is attractive and what constitutes normality inside and outside the bedroom is shifting ever faster.

It’s only a couple of decades ago that a full bush was the normal state of affairs. Now it’s a novelty to find an un-waxed pudenda, certainly in the media, and every woman has at least trimmed up from time to time in anticipation of a new visitor – if you know what I mean.

When it comes to blokes of course things have moved too. However I think that trend towards back, sack and crack lagged a little behind the hair removal trends for women. Even now I am very much the odd one out when I undress in the changing room at the pool. My hairless pubic area drawing the occasional curious glance. Well, either they’re curious or I’ve pulled.