Horny Teenage Slut, Oh That Was Me!

By | June 23, 2011

Naked Man In BedFrom MILF To DILF

I don’t usually make a habit of chasing married guys, let alone ones with children. It’s not my scene and riddled with complication which is why I normally steer clear of the whole thing.

Although there have been some exceptions. When I was a horny 15 year old the family used to spend a lot of time holidaying in Spain. In fact they used to return to the same hotel every year and sometimes we would visit 3 times in the same year.

Now this could have been quite boring for a hormonal and moody teenager. But not this one. The destination and hotel were inconsequential to me. The reason being that the DILF that ran the hotel was HOT!

I think he was in his late twenties at the time and I fancied the pants off him. He had a young daughter and a wife who would be classed as a BBW by today’s standards. She was a lovely woman, kind, hospitable and very intelligent. In fact she could probably see through me straight away, with my doe eyes. Lol

One night in jest my father offered for me to stay behind and obtain my own passport to get home. It was the six week holidays at school and who was I to refuse such an offer.

I ended up staying way over my Summer break because of problems with obtaining my passport and spent many hours with my new friends.

When I think back she must have trusted her husband with a young naive girl because she would ask me to take him breakfast in bed down to their flat without so much as batting an eye lid.

It was a good Summer the one with the older man fetish and one which I will remember for years to come. 😉