Three Way Is The Best Way To Fuck

By | June 23, 2011

Lesbian EmbraceBut what would have happened next? If you’ve read this post from yesterday you’ll know that Suze once gave me permission to fuck her best friend. It was totally out of the blue and although I did fancy her best friend I never expected her to say anything like that.

What would have happened next.

Well, in an ideal world she would have moved in and the three of us would have lived in a constant state of perpetually moist and exhausted arousal. We’d have barely found time to go out to get food and other supplies, let alone to work.

However that’s the difference between fantasy and reality. Even if I had slept with Suze’s best friend it’s more likely that we’d have had difficulty finding a stable footing for an ongoing relationship, even if it was only based on sex and not some form of intense three-way relationship.

Many people do seem to be able to disconnect sex from feeling. In this case that would have been different. We were both very fond of this girl and lusted after her. It’s a powerful combination and one that would have lead to incredibly complex feelings and in all probability eventual problems.

So all things considered I suppose everything worked out for the best …

… except in my fanatasies where every evening Suze and her friend are waiting for me in the shower when I get home from work …