XXX Pick, Pussy Whipped

By | June 23, 2011

Hot Wet BrunetteWhen I first saw this post over on Adult Blog Hub I thought it was going to be a raunchy BDSM post.  You can see where I’m coming from can’t you with the title.

But no Blue Eyed Vixen from “Secrets Of A Blue Eyed Vixen” brought a question to the table in here post “Pussy Whipped” which made me reflect.

She discusses her thoughts and feelings on her partner looking at other women in the context of another women’s reaction to her boyfriend ogling other girls.  It’s an interesting discussion point and I’m sure one which could split couples right down the middle.

But I for one don’t have a problem with Alex checking out other women because I usually share his thoughts on them and add my own opinion, often pointing out other women to him.  That’s the wonderful thing about being bi I can see both sides and love to share them.  😉

Go check out Vixen’s blog I’m sure she will have you moist in no time