Free Phone Sex Courtesy Of The Lovely Internet

By | June 24, 2011

red LipsBlogging, and especially micro blogging in the form of Twitter is now a pervasive part of everyday life. Whether you love it or loathe it technology allows you to report on your activities to (potentially) millions of people, instantly.

Well almost instantly because there are very few systems so convenient that you can use them wherever you are. Blogging from a mobile phone is almost there, but even then you have difficulty doing an activity and blogging about it at the same time.

What you need is an interface that can be operated without the need to stop what you’re doing. So how about using voice recognition and recording technologies to create a system that would blog your spoken words, as audio and text, and your other utterances, singing, laughing, grunting, screaming …

Just imagine the sort of sex blog that could produce.

I’m not talking about live sex shows here, they are transient and don’t count as a blog as they are a visual record of the event yet mainly fail to capture the raw, essential power of sex.

Any technology companies who would like to have a chat about this sort of thing can drop me a line …