The Sexiest Place In Town, And None Of It Is True, Well Bits Are

By | June 24, 2011

White Bikini Wet HairFor those of you who like naughtiness, and let’s face it that has to be most of you because you are reading this page, we have our new site,

It’s full of erotic fiction, sex stories if you prefer most from our wildest fantasies and a few from our own experiences in our current relationship and from before we met. We’ll leave you to decide which are which. Hehehe.

I remember someone once remarking on a blog that they didn’t like erotic fiction that was all about people who had great sex every time. Well I take the point and in a small way agree that it is misrepresentative of real life. So from time to time I do write dystopian sex stories because sometimes we have sex for reason other than love and unsullied lust. But be honest when you go to a site full of sex stories you want to be entertained, aroused and titillated. Or even perhaps inspired to try something out with your partner that you might not have considered.

But inspiring someone to try a new sexual practice does come with a little responsibility. The only time I depict unrealistic sex is in the pure fantasy stories where it’s obvious that the whole scenario is fantastical and should be regarded as such. I’d be uncomfortable depicting certain sexual acts unrealistically, for example anal sex without lube.

Then there’s the unacceptable stuff like rape stories, coercion and child sex stories. You’ll not find them here or on our KinkyHalo site. It’s all explained here.

One other thing that I’d not do is something that I’ve read in some sex fantasy sites – describe the protagonists with:

  • Huge cocks
  • The ability to immediately and repeatedly cum and get erect again
  • Do things with their genitalia which are physically impossible

Funny, all those in the bad stories I’ve read on other sites seem to be written by guys about the guys in their stories. Maybe they are either a bit inexperienced or perhaps compensating? Daft really as it doesn’t make for a good story (well IMHO) in fact it spoils what are sometimes interesting scenarios because especially in the case of the sexually inexperienced authors they often write about what they think sex is or will be like rather than what they have experienced which on the whole can be a refreshing change. I don’t mean to deride their efforts I simply think that the references to huge cocks for example is silly – e.g. today describing having a 14 inch cock that’s 6 inches in diameter.

Anyway, the name is if you’re interested. Enjoy the smut. And did I mention the site is mobile device aware and automatically reformats to a phone friendly format for cell phone browsers? Well I’ve mentioned it now.