Cooking Up Something Hot And Dirty In The Kitchen

By | July 15, 2008

James MartinJames Martin doing his spot on Saturday Kitchen on BBC1 gets my juices flowing. I have written about him before, he has to be one of if not the best, looking chefs around today. If you don’t believe me you can check him out here.

You can be pulled in to watching him in the kitchen even if you don’t cook and aren’t at all interested in learning, he is so good to watch. He can come over and rattle my pots and pans any day.

He has guest chefs on the show and Saturday was the turn of the Hairy Bikers. They are a wonderful duo and their sense of humour is just like mine. 🙂 You check out their site here.

They are also renowned for their double entendres, so I bet James was on tenter hooks throughout the show as it is a live show. And they didn’t let us down.

At one point there was a reference to haemorrhoids. Then later he comes out with “I’m just going to bash my meat”, as he hits the chicken breast he is preparing. And to finish off he adds this has got some balls.

Strange nobody wished to comment back. Lol

This is what cookery is all about, no starchy, up your own arse attitude. I much prefer mine with a side serving of smut. Well, you just knew I would didn’t you.

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