Make Your Own Slut

By | June 25, 2011

DildosWhat makes a slut? It used to be that a slut was the girl who dressed in a trashy way and would give away her “favours”, be they anything from kisses to sex, without thought to anyone who paid her attention.

In England at least that meaning of the word slut has been replaced with the word slapper. Slut on the other hand is being used to describe a kind of trashiness that is in some way attractive to some men.

It’s often used in connection with porn where, let’s face it, extremities of behaviour are often the easy way for a movie to provide sensational points of interest to lure potential viewers. There it’s a shorthand for endless blow jobs and super-hard anal sex, preferably with a little ATM – that’s Ass-To-Mouth for the uninitiated, not Automated Teller Machine.

All this migration of words and meanings is a little sad because there was a time when using the word slut in the right context was naughty in relation to your partner, a bit of bedroom wordplay that might get your respective pulses racing. Now, porn’s use of the term means you have one less word to use. For me it means something too different from the slight trashiness that it used to in that circumstance.

I like slightly trashy from time to time – in a dressing up, role play sort of way. It’s an excuse to wear stuff that a woman might not otherwise wear and act in a provocative way that is out of character without changing her character. Oh and too much makeup too, I normally like a woman with very little makeup so when the slap goes on it really has an effect.

Any words that you guys feel have changed meaning like that?