Girls Enjoying Their Sex Toys

By | June 26, 2011

Butt CorsetTime was when using a sex toy was seen as a bit dirty and rather difficult because of the very small range of sex toys available. On top of that if a woman used a sex toy men would often see it as threatening and if a man used a toy it was often a blow-up doll or rather poor quality and not very erotic.

Of course all that has changed as the reviews on Sex Toys Buzz illustrates.

IMHO it’s still girls who are more likely to use sex toys than guys. And I think they are more likely to discuss which sex toys to buy in a constructive manner than lads. Unless you’re in a small group men can be very superficial and childish about sex toys. Maybe it’s because they feel threatened by the thought of a woman using a toy. Pity because if men and women understood sex toys for their own gender and the opposite sex then they could have more fun and so could their partners.

Sex toys add a whole new aspect to play in the bedroom over and above the fun that can be had with two naked bodies.

Do you talk about sex toys with your partner, or your friends?