Getting Sexy In The Carpark

By | July 16, 2008

Avy ScottI’m not quite sure why, it could be the inherent flirt in me but my body language and behaviour changes the minute I’m in the company of someone I fancy. No scrub that…when I’m in the company of a male, with women it has to be one that I really like. I know this sounds weird but stick with me.

I don’t have a clue why with men, it can be any male, I just turn in to a total whore! With women I tend to be a bit more discerning, maybe because as a rule of thumb they don’t tend to be bi or lesbian. Yes, I think that is exactly why now I come to think about it.

But having said that the guy could be gay couldn’t he? Hmmm.

However, usually I find that a guy will pay attention to you and if you should reciprocate he will follow if he is interested. Initially I believe a guy acts upon his male instinct to attract and then he decides once contact is established if he wishes to take it further.

The reason for this introspection and behavioural study is because as you know if you have been reading for a while, at lunch I park up the car, eat my sandwich and at the moment pick up the book I am about to review of a toy. 😉

I’ve found that should a car pass by when I’m reading they take a long stare at me, I of course pretend not to notice and keep my head down but raise my eyes only to take a peek. But if they decide to pull the car alongside mine to park and go to the greasy spoon for a sarnie I have them sitting beside me for some time.

During this time I find myself feeling extremely self conscious and very flirty. Anyone out there think they could have been parked next to me? 😉 I start to breath deeply, with increased speed as my pulse quickens. This results in my chest rising and falling in a very obvious fashion. Lol

Today for example I had a driving instructor park up next to me, after he returned with his sandwich I felt the presence of his stare upon me. Trying not to make it obvious I continued to eat my ham salad on brown without getting mayo on my chin…guess what happened as I’m there trying to eat like a sexy brunette.

A large piece of tomato slid out from between my breadcake and dropped straight on to my boobs. Now how cool is that! Lol

I tried to retrieve it gracefully but I think the illusion had gone.

Oh well, you can’t be sexy all the time. 🙂