Professional Masturbator, That’s Me!

By | July 17, 2008

Tester TBoth Alex and I have been testing and reviewing adult toys for both sexes for over 3 years now. I personally have gained so much knowledge over that period, do you know I can now look at a toy and decide purely by looking at it if it is going to be effective on me. 😉

Only experience can bring such a wealth of knowledge and I feel I could advise anyone on the best toy for their needs.

The problem with this kind of knowledge and experience is that you can only share it with a select number of people and all of you of course. 🙂 In my real life I can’t reveal what I do to either friends or work colleagues.

There are times when I want to shout it out loud because I’m proud to say that I am a sex toy tester! I would love to be able to walk around with it emblazoned on a t-shirt so that people can approach me for advice or to offer me the chance to try out their latest toy.

But I can’t, my real life needs protecting from the naughty one I have online, sadly…

So for now I will hang back in the shadows, delight in my dual personality and wait for more excepting days.

One day…