Hunting For Sex

By | July 17, 2008

Hunting For Sex – Women On The Prowl

Are women evolving into a sexually aggressive species?

There was a time, not so many years ago, that it was unheard of for a “respectable” woman to actively seek out sexual partners. OK, so yes they were flirty, sex, vivacious and all that, but the guy was supposed to be the proactive sexual animal. Women might want sex and have sexuality, but their wants and needs were hidden. If they dressed or acted provocatively it was seen to be at the behest of men.

Should a woman overstep certain boundaries she was seen as cheap, a slut, easy and not someone you’d consider (as a man) having a long term relationship with. No, a woman’s only reason for being sexual was to ensure that her man, her future husband, would be happy and content.

Thankfully things have changed. We’ve all seen it, women can be pretty much whatever they want, within reason, and still be accepted within most parts of our society. That’s not to say that everyone accepts every manifestation of this new kind of female sexuality (take the fact that Suze has to keep her identity secret), but it is now acceptable for a woman to say “Yes, I am a sexual person. I want sex and I want it the way I want it, not just the way he wants it”.

This was highlighted for me yesterday night by “The One Show”, talking about “Sugar Mummies”, no, not some kind of ancient Egyptian preserved confectionary, but the female equivalent of a Sugar Daddy.

If older single women want to have a relationship with a younger man, then good luck to them. But that wasn’t what made me smile. It was the fact that of the four women on the sofa, every one was confident and sexual without being cheap. They could talk on a mid-evening programme quite openly about relationships with (significantly) younger men. There was no schoolgirl sniggering, or hint of furtiveness, no covering up the issue with a humorous punch line.

It is possible for women to be forceful about sex without being overpowering. It is possible for them to develop their sexuality and take the lead in developing the sexuality of the relationship they are in.

About bloody time.