Do You Like Your Pussy Hairy?

By | June 29, 2011

Minge TopiaryI wish you could but I would probably need to give it a good weeding before hand. Lol I have battled against the bush since my teenage years. I’m one of those girls who comes out in a rash regardless of if I shave, use depilatory cream or waxing. My pussy just doesn’t seem to like being bare. Lol

I’ve tied every method in the book and not only do they bring about spots but also don’t last for more than a couple of days before the hair starts to return.

So now I simply use a pro shaver set a close and let Alex shave it off. No stubble or spots, just neatly trimmed bush.

It means that Alex no longer has to pull hairs from between his teeth but can feel the light bristle against his face when he gets down and dirtyl 😉

But if you are more in to the manicured look there is the Minge Topiary Book, available on Amazon. Girls, this could be the alternative to the stubble. Itchiness and spots.

I must admit I like my bush to be a bit unpredicatable. Lol